CountDown Round Procedures

CountDown round is optional and does not affect advancement to the State competition.

Every Mathlete on the school team will participate. If a school does not have a team, then up to four individuals may compete in this round.

For the first few rounds, there will be 4, 5 or 6 students competing at a time. For the last rounds, there will be two students competing at a time.

For the first several rounds, the first player to give a correct answer and score a point wins the round, and that player advances to the next round. Where the draw shows more than one player from a group advances to the next round, after the first player advances, the remaining players from that group (who have have not yet advanced) will get a chance at another question in order to advance.

For semifinal and final rounds, there is a best of three questions competition. Whichever competitor first scores two points in the round by answering two problems correctly will win the round.